Writing & Speaking Your Life: Your P.E.S. OLG Program

Elevator SpeechHow many times has someone with influence and authority asked you about your career and interests, and your response was nearly “hum-did-da-dum” because your mind just went blank? Or maybe your response sold yourself short…Don’t let that happen again!

We can help you create your very own, personalized elevator speech in Writing & Speaking Your Life: Your Personal Elevator Speech (P.E.S.) so that the next time someone whom you want to win over asks about you, your response will be fluid, thoughtful and succinct to accurately describe your professional and personal depth.

The goal of this program is for you to create an elevator speech that captures, on a high [and interesting!] level, who you are, what you do and what’s important to you! To help you capture the essence of your experiences, this is what we’ll do in the program:

  • have you tell us your story – professional or personal, or both and everything in between – in your own words  
  • create a beginning, middle and end that incorporates the nucleus (and supporting details) of your story 
  • workshop your story 
  • perform your story as a P.E.S. 
  • arm you with sparks to launch your P.E.S. in opportune moments 

Through duo and group work as well as personalized feedback from the facilitator, you will complete the program with a deliverable, ready-to-impress P.E.S.

To register or request more information, click here.

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