Name your MBTI® Type and I’m sure we’ll be able to have a great conversation. (I’ll explain shortly…) Over the years as an INFP, I’ve had plenty of time to think about my value system, what matters to me, and how to fuse relationship building with leadership development – all of which are key priorities in our work at OLG.

We each have so many wonderful attributes but ironically, it was not clear to me that mine was unique too.  I’ve learned that my liking people liking me isn’t about acceptance, but about an attribute called relationship building. It brings me so much joy to know that when I need help, people volunteer, not to get the job done but to help me.

It also feels pretty darn good that my holistic approach to working and talking to people reaches people. What do I mean by this? Well, I decided long ago that while my work and my personal life may not be one and the same (yet), I would approach my professional partnerships with a personal quality: listening skills, warmth and curiosity. This has served me well – as my reference to having a great conversation with you – because naturally, as my working relationships deepened, so did my integrity and urgency for my projects. I witnessed the changes in my partners too who also began to show integrity and urgency for our work, resulting in more collaborative successes. In the most simple words, I find that relationships build support and influence.

I share my story because the MBTI®, a diverse instrument, spans the spectrum of being a simple team building tool to being a focus in coaching. It has helped me see my quiet attributes for what they are: anchors in relationships, familiarity in uncertainty, and encouragement and compassion in high risk situations (that often times result in errors).

The MBTI® has enabled so many people to have more power in negotiating work, relationships and communications.  And, because of its profound influence on me professionally and personally, and on my clients and friends, it’s fitting that we kicked off the very first OLG newsletter with our launch of the MBTI® Online.

While we continue to offer the MBTI® For Teams and Organizations, as well as MBTI® Buzz for people who want to attend a workshop outside of  work, we now offer the MBTI® Online which allows individuals to take it online and decide on a feedback package that works well with their personal or professional goals. By putting development in your hands, we can help you be authentic and dedicated to what you want to accomplish.

Change and growth are never easy but we think offering MBTI® Online is going to change how you see development. It’s easy as 1-2-3. Online now, and feedback session next. Development is accessible and readily available. It should be in your hands with your personally-defined personal and professional goals.

My founding One Leadership Group is about developing new ways of delivering great ideas and tools, to rethink the norms.

My job is to be creative, to observe the normal, simple, and everyday lessons and innovations, and to apply them to leadership development. We hope that our personalized, creative leadership approach will spark some great ideas on how you, colleagues, teams and friends can approach leadership. We think a very fine place to start is with the MBTI®.


Karen Galli is the founder of One Leadership Group. She focuses on driving leadership development through relationship building. Through her work, she helps people see that leadership is about self, others and thought. If you’d like to contact her, you can find her on Linkedin by clicking here. 


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