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The SmartCommunications program focuses on three modules for communicating effectively and making a lasting, influential impression. The program is comprised of three workshops that provide participants with skills to help in building writing and grammar skills, presenting skills, and telling a story.  Together, they result in an impactful presence to influence audiences.

The program includes three modules: Writing and Grammar Everyday, Presenting Content and Self, and Influencing through Story.

Module 1: Writing and Grammar Everyday

(4 hours classroom)

More than ever, everyone is a writer. Through reviewing the structure of writing and taking a deep dive into the major grammatical errors of writing and punctuation, we can influence how our audiences understand our purpose of soliciting or imparting information.

Individuals and organization need clear writing to deliver business ideas and to gain trust and respect from collaborators. To meet this need, this module outlines a framework for writing and avoiding common errors that can be easily applied to real life, on-the-job writing.

Module 2: Presenting Content and Self

(4 hours classroom)

Presenting content is only one part of the presentation. How should the abundance of content be organized for the audience? And how much is too much? The answering of these questions will be examined before Self is also reviewed. The way you engage with your audience is just as important as what you say and show.

The purpose of this module is to examine the importance and pitfalls of verbal and non-verbal cues when presenting that engage or disengage audiences.

Module 3: Influencing through Story

(4 hours classroom)

Fact and fiction do intersect. By applying the excitement of fiction to telling your story, you engage listeners to hear what matters most to you.  Think of your ideas as a story. Why do you believe it, trust it and find it noteworthy to share with others? The rich details you remember, are the dots to connect and re-tell.

The purpose of this module is to provide participants a process of building a sequence to influence others through storytelling.


Individuals who want to improve their communications

Program Delivery Options 

There is a wide range of opportunities to take SmartCommunications including:

  • Modules Set or one at a time 
  • Open Enrollment for individuals
  • Corporate Program for groups or teams

Learning Outcomes 

SmartCommunications helps build writing, speaking, listening and influencing skills. At the conclusion of the session, communicators will:

  • Understand writing structure and common grammar errors 
  • Understand verbal and non-verbal cues and their impact in speaking 
  • Learn the framework for influencing through story 


Long Term Success 

After the learning, the real work begins. Work one-on-one with a professional coach to create a long-term plan for successful relationship building. In Coaching for Application, principles and skills learned in SmartCommunications sessions are reinforced through two to four coaching sessions for an additional fee. Visit Coaching for Application for more information.

Additional SmartCommunications programs offered: 

  • Conversation Practice for Ex-Pats 

  • Conversation Practice for the Creative Non-Native English Speaker 

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