SmallBiz BigTools™

SmallBiz BigTools™
Small businesses need big tools too, and we can help. For over two decades, social media has been on the rise and it continues to grow and evolve in ways we never would have expected. So what should businesses do? Get socially minded!

We offer social media training, services and consulting for small businesses ranging from a starter pack to a supercharged pack.

Google+ Services

Google+ LogoWith over 400 million registered users and 100 million active users, Google+ is the overlooked rising star that every business needs to support. As businesses begin to understand Google+ as an underlying social layer for all Google applications, then you understand G+’s profound reach. Google+ is the better platform to build your online presence to provide customized customer news and marketing. Read More

Facebook Services

facebook_logoWith over 1 billion users and 50 million pages, Facebook can help you manage your brand, bring knowledge to customers, market effectively and build your business. Facebook is an easy way to be in touch with customers but to have engaged customers means you must be engaging. From posting pictures, videos, thoughtful questions, companies can drive more engagement with their customers. Read More

Linkedin Services

Linkedin LogoWith over 200 million users, there’s no doubt that to have a professional presence, you must be on Linkedin. From gaining trust from your contacts, to finding talented prospects for your talent pool, your business Linkedin profile displays your organization’s mission, values and its people. Much like other social media platforms, Linkedin can create an organizational voice for your company and showcase your culture and services. From business to business networking to forming business partnerships, it’s inevitable that you need Linkedin to grow your business. Read More

Twitter Services 

Twitter LogoWith over 500 million registered users and more than 200 million active users, Twitter is a quick and simple way to reach customers frequently. How can your business be impactful and engaging in 144 characters or less? From building brand awareness, creating a voice in the community, or promoting a product, Twitter can be used strategically to drive your business goals. Read More


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