PDI 360 Profilor For Individuals

ANNOUNCEMENT (March 22, 2018): PDI 360, the valued and trusted tool acquired by Korn Ferry in 2012, is transitioning users to Korn Ferry 360 multi-rater tool. Just as comprehensive, Korn Ferry 360 is an updated replacement for PDI 360 and Voices 360. To review a sample report, click here. (Korn Ferry 360 replaced Voices 360 12/2017.)

We no longer offer the PDI 360 or Voices 360. Updates to this page are coming soon. But, for more information on Korn Ferry 360 or to partner with us to deliver this instrument, please contact Karen Galli at karen@oneleadershipgroup.com.  For information on the transferability of your PDI 360 certification, contact Korn Ferry directly.

The PDI Profilor is a 360 feedback tool that gathers information from you and people that you work with regularly, to create a full 360 view perspective of yourself. The Profilor helps you enhance specific areas of performance, from the individual contributor role up to senior executive.

We layout the entire feedback process for you and begin with having a kickoff session to ensure that the participant and boss have leveled expectations about the process and outcomes. We offer pre-debrief tools on selecting Raters and communicating the 360 goals with involved parties. The full cycle management of the entire 360 process is handled electronically and confidentially at One Leadership Group.

There are nine possible Profilor Models to choose from: Schedule your PDI 360 Session now. Call us at (201) 503-5298

  • Individual Contributor
  • First-Level Leader
  • Internal Consultant
  • Mid-Level Leader
  • Business Unit Leader
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Business Unit Leader
  • Senior Executive

No matter which Profilor Model you choose, our consultants are expert facilitators in debriefing and interpreting the report with you. As the participant, you complete a questionnaire about yourself, and ask your boss, colleagues, direct reports and others to complete their perspective questionnaires. The collected feedback is then used to create your feedback report. From there, you receive a debrief with a certified PDI 360 facilitator to analyze the results and plan your course of action of understanding your behaviors.

The feedback collection is conducted online and interprets the data of the Factors, Competencies and Behaviors associated with your chosen Profilor Model.   For a FREE consultation, call us at (201) 503-5298.

Within each Factor category, Competencies and Behaviors are examined. And, from each group of raters, you can see how your behaviors are perceived. You can also contrast the raters’ perception against your self-perception. An extremely valuable part of the report displays your top 20 behaviors and allows you the opportunity to align them with the critical competencies that your boss has identified. Conversely, the report identifies your lowest 20 behaviors and contrasts them with the same critical competencies that your boss identified.

With a PDI 360 certified facilitator, your debrief will provide practical, well-rounded insights into your job performance, strengths, and development needs. It also paints a comprehensive picture of the specific skills that you need to develop and enhance performance. Finally, the debrief provides a basis for creating an individualized, actionable development plan. To see a sample report for a Mid-Level Leader, click here.

We are happy to announce that we offer PDI Ninth House 360 nationally and internationally! Inquire about the many languages and norm groups that PDI 360 is offered.

To learn more about the PDI 360 in a free consultation or to schedule your 360 for a virtual or face-to-face feedback session, call us at 201-503-5298.


Managers and individuals interested in developing their leadership style through perception, visibility, and influence

Program Delivery Options 

  • One 3 hour session (in-person, phone or video conference) 
  • On site or off-site 

Learning Outcomes 

 A PDI Ninth House‘s 360 feedback tool offers data on how others see you. At the conclusion of the session, you will:

  • Understand how to review multi-rater feedback for patterns 
  •  Create a leadership development action plan
  • Create metrics for targeted improvements 
  • Plan to follow up in 6 months for progress 


Long Term Success 

After the feedback session, the real work begins. Work one-on-one with a professional coach to create a long-term plan for successful relationship building. In Coaching for Application, principles and skills learned in the PDI Ninth House 360 are reinforced through two to four coaching sessions for an additional fee. Visit Coaching for Application for more information.

To learn more about the PDI 360 or if you are a consultant interested in our services for administering it on your behalf, contact us at (201) 503-5298 or info@oneleadershipgroup.com.

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