MBTI Buzz OLG Program

MBTI ISFJThe MBTI is a buzz word acronym that just won’t go away! It is the most widely used personality assessment in the world, and for good reason. The MBTI is a great tool to help you understand how you interact with other people.

And this matters because?… In examining your preferences in behavior, you can leverage the good and the bad in any professional or personal life situation you may encounter. You can easily identify whether you are an extrovert or an introvert in real life but can you translate your extroversion or introversion preferences to what you need in the workplace or in the relationships that matter to you?

Whether you’re negotiating relationships at work or at home, the MBTI will help you clarify what you need most to be successful.

This program looks at best case environments for you in:

  • establishing the necessities to find your focus, energy and rejuvenation 
  • creating the best way for you learn new information
  • implementing an optimal process for you to make decisions 
  • organizing your life and priorities that best suit your goals 

We think you will find this MBTI class invaluable because you’ll gain insight on how differences between you and others is needed to reap the best results in any partnership!

Lastly, we’ll prep you with a mini lesson to share the MBTI buzz with people that are important to you!



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