Linkedin: Make Your Profile Pop! OLG Program

Linkedin Pop!Are you wondering why your friends are receiving InMail from recruiters on Linkedin and you’re not? The simple answer is that their profiles sell them by promoting their experiences, showcasing their professional self, and communicating their high level of emotional intelligence.

Let’s get you there too! Linkedin: Make Your Profile Pop! is about more than showcasing your work experiences in an electronic resume on This program is about how to use the medium to tell a story about your professional sensibilities as your “talk through” your professional experiences. This program is a writing workshop to tell your professional story.

This program skips how to input information into Linkedin to concentrate on what to write on Linkedin and which sections to utilize. Through carefully identifying the key experiences and professional growth through each experience, you can shape your audience’s perspective about you. The purpose of this program is to make your profile pop so we’ll cover these topics:

  • spotlighting your Summary to highlight your professional self 
  • creating voice in your profile that humbly says I worked here, managed these priorities and this is how I grew professionally 
  • highlighting relevant experiences by creating a language tapestry that creates fluidity and momentum 
  • embedding graphics and links in all possible opportunities 
  • sewing together Courses, Languages, Skills & Expertise, Education, Additional Info, and Organizations 

This program is a hands-on, all-hands-on-deck program. We’ll work on your profiles, get feedback from each other, and be ready to refer your profile to interested readers at the end of the class.

To request more information or to register, click here.

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