JC Laughter Yoga

JC Laughter Yoga is Jersey City and Hudson County’s first and only Laughter Yoga group!

What is laughter yoga? Think stress buster, wellness program that is incredibly fun. We’re a small core group of Big Time Laughers who have found joy, comfort and friendship from laughing with one another. We always welcome new members and anyone who wants to just pop in and see what we’re about.

As a wellness activity, we combine interactive laughter exercises with deep calming breaths and easy stretches. It’s not yoga in the western sense of exercising on a mat. Rather, it is an easy way to connect with others and laugh your stress and blues away. Laughter Yoga can be performed gently or by moving throughout the room with full energy and enthusiasm! The sessions are led by a certified Laughter Yoga leader who is a local Jersey City resident who enjoys helping others on their path to wellness.  On occasion, we have visiting laughter yoga leaders to lead us in our playing and laughing.  We are the only Laughter Yoga group in Jersey City, and we ‘re proud to serve our community!


Interested in laughing with us? Join our group at http://www.meetup.com/JC-Laughter-Yoga/ to hear about upcoming sessions. ***Please note that JC Laughter Yoga is currently on hiatus as we secure a new location. Please send us an email (info@oneleadershipgroup.com) so we can alert you when we have a new home.

If you are interested in bringing Laughter Yoga to your organization, click here for Laughter Yoga Teambuilding and Employee Wellness.

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