DiSC For Teams and Organizations

H ave you ever started a conversation with “I’m not sure why I didn’t say […] or do […] at work because in my personal life, I would have done it.” In a work space and in a personal space, we have different styles of approaching the environment around us, making important decisions, and communicating with others. We have natural and adapted styles that we shift between to often times separate our personal self from our professional self.

The DiSC® examines our behavioral styles and helps us see who we are and how our actions impact others. In recognizing that we have a natural style, we can better manage our adapted style. Dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness all play a role in our behavior. To understand each of these will help us understand our collaborators as well.


Individuals, supervisors, managers, educators, human resources professionals, counselors, career counselors, healthcare professionals, or anyone seeking better relationships in their personal and professional lives

Program Delivery Options 

There is a wide range of opportunities to take the DiSC® including:

  • Half Day Session or Full Day Session 
  • Open Enrollment for individuals
  • Corporate Program for groups or teams
  • One-on-one session (in-person, phone or video conference)
  • Integrate into Coaching

Learning Outcomes 

 The DiSC® measures behavioral styles and is proven to help us build better partnerships. At the conclusion of the session, attendees will:

  • Understand the four DiSC® styles and appreciate the diverse values collaborators 
  • Appreciate each other’s unique strengths and accept each other’s limitations 
  • Build empathy and compassion for the needs and struggles of their collaborators
  • Understand how others see them and get feedback on their behavior 
  • Recognize their unique way of handling conflict and understand the impact of their behavior 
  • Develop strategies for “working through conflict” plan 


Long Term Success 

After the learning, the real work begins. Work one-on-one with a professional coach to create a long-term plan for successful relationship building. In Coaching for Application, principles and skills learned in the DiSC® session are reinforced through two to four coaching sessions for an additional fee. Visit Coaching for Application for more information.

To learn about DiSC® for individuals and DiSC® Feedback Packages, click here.

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