Development For Teams and Organizations

T eam Development is an integral part of your company’s success. From teambuilding to skill building, creating a successful team that executes takes work. Begin with the concept of the right people in the right roles. Do they have objectives, and know what their performance plan is asking them to do? Only when they clearly understand the organization’s strategy and your department’s goals, can they then plan their contribution.

Beginning with the development plan, what skills will your employees build in order to accomplish their performance objectives? As we say at One Leadership Group, an employee’s success begins with relationships.  In understanding self, then others, then team, business goals are more attainable through collaboration and strategic planning. We offer numerous team development solutions to help you achieve your goals as a team, whether you are a small business owner or a large organization, in retail or corporate environments, in not-for-profit or for-profit sectors. We can help you create the best solution for your organization and team’s needs. Our offerings include but are not limited to the MBTI®, DISC, Belbin and Team Assimilations.

 The MBTI® is often referred to as a personality test but in reality it measures preferences only. Four major dichotomies are reviewed and, based on our preferences, yield sixteen different types. Simply, when we know our own type, we understand how to better communicate and engage with others.   More

 Have you ever started a conversation with “I’m not sure why I didn’t say […] or do […] at work because in my personal life, I would have done it.” In a work space and in a personal space, we have different styles of approaching the environment around us, making important decisions, and communicating with others. More

 The Belbin Team Inventory is a tool that measures each team player’s behavior and provides language to ensure that teams communicate and collaborate with greater understanding. Every team has its diversity so the Belbin helps them to identify strengths and weaknesses. The report is often used for teams undergoing change management, conflict management, recruitment, coaching and leadership development.   More

 A team assimilation is a calibration of the leader’s goals and the team’s expectations. The most common assimilation is the New Leader Assimilation, when a team has the opportunity to put on the table every question they may have for their new leader. Subsequently, the leader answers the questions and in doing so creates trust and transparency of the direction they are headed. More

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