Coaching For Individuals

C oaching isn’t just for C suite executives anymore. It’s for focused individuals who want to make a difference in their organizations and careers. How can you shape the perception of your boss, direct reports or colleagues when interacting with you? What do you need to do to gain visibility in your organization or industry? And, how can you get things done through influence? These three segments of your professional or personal self are important to get you from point A to point B, which is why you need coaching.

Through coaching, you’ll map out your objectives, identify the advocates that you’ll need, and set the metrics for your success. Your coach is your facilitator to ask the right questions, and negotiate the rules and players, so you can think clearly  about what’s important minus the distractions . With each client, our approach shapes itself according to your focus and needs, and simultaneously in force is our guidance to clarifying yourself in perception, visibility and influence.

Our coaching includes but is not limited to our coaches’ certification for using the PDI 360 Profilor and Eckerd College’s Center of Conflict Dynamics’ CDP – Individual and CDP – 360. The three areas of concentration of our coaching solutions are:

Perception Visibility Influence
  • We’ll discuss the feedback you receive from your colleagues, direct reports, boss, and other collaborators. 
  • We’ll examine how to get you to stand out and get noticed by the people who matter the most. 
  • We’ll identify how you can exert your influence when leading situations, people, and events. 

 The PDI Profilor is a 360 feedback, multi-rater tool used for development purposes. It collects feedback from a variety of sources (self, managers, peers, direct reports, internal customers and others) regarding your performance. Feedback reports provide practical, well-rounded insights into job performance, strengths, and development needs, as well as paint a comprehensive picture of the specific skills that you need to develop and to enhance performance. It also provides a basis for creating an individualized, actionable development plan. More

It’s inevitable that even in the best environments, there will be conflict in the workplace. How you handle the conflict will be a testament to the leader that you are. The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) provides self-awareness about what triggers conflict and how you respond to it. More


 Coaching for Application is an individualized, post-program approach to bring your new learning and skills to fruition. Most learners lose sight of their goals within 48 hours of learning new information. Through application, you jump in strong and focused . We concentrate on how you can use the new information to improve your leadership style. Think of the sessions as your one-on-one time where your coach is your confidante and facilitator, pushing you through the next steps as a leader. More

Take the MBTI online

What is MBTI®?

The official MBTI® is a personality preference assessment offered only by CPP, Inc or CAPT who are the sole publishers of the instrument. To take the MBTI® , it must be offered by an MBTI® Certified Practitioner.  More

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