Belbin® For Teams and Organizations

Ahigh performing team collaborates and forges toward a common goal. Through communication, teamwork and trust, teams achieve success. Teams need to know their strengths and manage their weaknesses.

The Belbin® Team Inventory is a tool that measures each team player’s behavior and provides language to ensure that teams communicate and collaborate with greater understanding. Every team has its diversity so the Belbin® helps them to identify strengths and weaknesses. The report is often used for teams undergoing Change management, conflict management, recruitment, coaching and leadership development. The comprehensive tool complements professional goals and development plans.

The Belbin® is also used by individuals seeking how to make a positive impact in their current working relationships and environment.


Teams or individuals seeking to understand their role in the workplace

Program Delivery Options 

There is a wide range of opportunities to take the Belbin® including:

  • Full Day Session for Teams 
  • Half Day Session for Individuals 
  • Integrate into Coaching

Learning Outcomes 

 The Belbin® Team Inventory measures behavior in teams. At the conclusion of the session, attendees will:

  • Understand how they see themselves within the workplace 
  • Learn a common language to communicate with teammates and collaborators 
  • Understand visually how their team roles come to life 



Long Term Success 

After the learning, the real work begins. Work one-on-one with a professional coach to create a long-term plan for successful relationship building. In Coaching for Application, principles and skills learned in the Belbin Team Inventory session are reinforced through two to four coaching sessions for an additional fee. Visit Coaching for Application for more information.

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